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Shopnil4I just put up my application for staff hope i get accepted! :d
slimtuna   How
slimtuna   created a new thread Yo Freddie how did you get the 1k to pay me back? Lo... in the Off-Topic forum
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DefinitionOfSwag   created a new thread Noodlesss Do You Love Me? in the Off-Topic forum
Sonic1145i cant apply for staff and i cant vote. WHAT IS HAPPENING? :0
SammiPlaysMc   IKR! I cant do either and everyone has steve skin for me its freaky!
SammiPlaysMc   registered to MineSkill
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I don't have "acces to look at forums" ??? I can't see some of the like rules
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I can't reply and my IGN IS "Slimtuna" I Am using one of my Alts on the server dif ip
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GAMEBOYZCan I apply for staff
FreddieFoxtrot   created a new thread MineSkill Rules. in the Resources forum
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